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04/04/2023, 07:19


What should the Belgian soldier of the future look like? How do we see his wardrobe within 5 years, within 10 years, ... Questions that were raised in the course of 2019 and that resulted in the definition of the objectives of the Belgian Defense Clothing System (B.D.C.S).

SSC Consortium

The SSC consortium represents the merger of two resolutely Belgian companies, namely Seyntex and Sioen, with a leading player in the United States, Crye Precision®. Consortium members can draw on many years of experience spread across the globe: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Latvia, Canada, United States, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Jordan, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Korea of the South, Australia.

Layering System

The multi-layered insulating system of the Belgian Defence Clothing System (BDCS) allows the Soldier to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions. Materials offer a greater range of breathability and environmental protection, providing greater versatility in meeting Soldiers' needs.

BDCS utilizes an innovative design that reduces bulk, taking up less space, and weighing 25 percent less than its predecessor systems. Each piece of BDCS functions either alone or in concert with other components as a system, thus providing more options for the Soldier and enabling seamless integration with load-bearing equipment and body armor configurations. The BDCS design allows moisture to escape and at the same time has water-resistant properties.

Male Female

For decades, women in the armed forces had to settle for uniforms designed for men, just in smaller sizes. This is not the case for the BDCS uniform. It's available in female designs cut with more room in the hips and legs with a more tailored coat.

Our G4 Female Fit uniforms feature the same innovative details and fabrics as the G4 uniform with a design that is built specially for women. Based on extensive end user feedback and evaluations, we've optimized our uniforms to increase comfort, mobility, and functionality for our female customers.


The realization of the BDCS articles with maximum attention to people and nature. Sustainability is a doing word here.

Our planet still has an eternity to last and global warming as a result of CO2 emissions is a serious threat and must be limited where possible. In addition, people and society deserve to be treated with respect.

All members of the consortium and its suppliers consciously work in the spirit of the ISO 26000 guideline. This standard provides support to organizations in both the public and private sectors, in both developed and developing countries, in line with international conventions, treaties and guidelines, such as those of the UN, ILO, OECD and Global Impact.


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