Terry Zip shirt

Material Specs

76% Merino wool 21 microns, 12% Meta-aramid, 11% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

The wool terry 200 zip shirt features a 1/4 zip. Looped terry fabric retains warmth, reduces weight and improves moisture wicking to the outer layers, away from the body.
The seams are flat-stitched for optimal wearing comfort and avoiding irritation when doing physical efforts. Thanks to the antibacterial/anti-odour of wool, the article can be worn for longer without washing. This benefits the longevity of the article.
This set of thermal underwear provides optimal insulation in cold climates. It can be worn as an under layer, or it can be worn as a 2nd layer on top of a T-shirt and/or bra. https://www.bdcs.be/clothing-items/sports-bra
Wool and aramid are special fibres with flame-retardant properties. They provide protection against 3rd-degree burns in case of accidental fire.
Scandinavian NATO partners have also been using this same product for years in the harshest conditions.

Chest Sizes