Sports Bra

Material Specs

140 g/m2 100% Merino wool 17.5 microns

The wool sports bra for women is worn as undergarments in all configurations and always directly on the skin regardless of the climate zone, so even in hot and humid weather.
The fineness of the wool guarantees the soft character of the knit. The natural properties of wool ensure thermal regulation : it keeps you warm in winter and fresh in summer.
Thanks to wool's antibacterial/anti-odour properties, the article can be worn for longer period of time without washing. This benefits the article's longevity.
The seams are flat-stitched for optimal wearing comfort and avoiding irritation when doing physical efforts.
In addition, the wool offers protection against 3rd-degree burns in case of accidental fire.
Scandinavian NATO partners have also been using this same product for years in the harshest conditions.

For first use: the high quality wool underwear feels even more comfortable after pre-washing.

Chest Sizes