SSC Consortium

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The SSC consortium represents the merger of two resolutely Belgian companies, namely Seyntex and Sioen, with a leading player in the United States, Crye Precision®. Consortium members can draw on many years of experience spread across the globe: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Latvia, Canada, United States, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Jordan, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Korea of the South, Australia.

Also in Belgium, the Special Forces are already equipped by the consortium.

Our Mission

Crye Precision™, Seyntex and Sioen design and manufacture protective equipment that allows soldiers to deploy their full capabilities in combat, while remaining protected.

We are proud and honored to meet the needs of our customers. We spend as much time as possible with users, constantly incorporating their experience and feedback into the equipment. We give them our full support and are indebted to them for their service and sacrifice.

Innovation gives us a strong competitive advantage. We encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas within our consortium. We have a structured approach to recognize innovations, thoroughly test ideas and share lessons. We make uncompromising gear for uncompromising military men and women. We work hard to provide smart, high-quality, hard-wearing clothing for soldiers who demand the best. Sustainability is at the heart of our approach in respecting the needs of the environment, we strive to preserve our world for future generations.

Each element is designed to help you perform better.

Research & Development (R&D) within the framework of BDCS is an intense collaboration between the different development centers of the three consortium partners. Each of the partners has its own strengths and specializations and therefore focuses on these. The intense collaboration between two Belgian players, Sioen & Seyntex, is a continuation of the consortium that successfully developed the VOSS (United Operational Soldier System) program for Defense Netherlands. This intensive process was a combination of innovative raw materials with progressive design. The expansion of the collaboration with Crye Precision® provides an additional boost of possibilities and synergies that result in a state-of-the-art system in which innovation and reliability are central. SSC does not only mean the delivery of an integrated system, but above all an intensive partnership with Defense throughout the duration (15 years) of the contract. Subject-Specialized Development Cells in which Defense Specialists interact with SSC. The consortium will ensure the flow of market information to these cells according to a structured model.

The Sioen, Seyntex and Crye Precision™ consortium places intense collaboration between the various players at the forefront in its approach to innovation. At the heart of this approach is the Triple Helix model. This innovation model refers to a series of interactions between academia (RMS, universities, research centers, ...), businesses and government to promote economic and social development. This framework is a perfect basis to support, guide and encourage innovation.

The SSC consortium is strongly committed to local integration in the Belgian economy, local integration relies on the partners Seyntex in Aalter and Sioen in Ardooie; both companies have been suppliers to the Belgian Defense for many years and have a back office, an extensive R&D capacity and multiple internal and external logistics options at their respective sites. For BDCS, a conscious decision was made to keep the entire supply chain as close to Europe as possible, for example, raw materials were widely sourced in Europe and nearby production facilities were been developed. This mainly concerns productions in Romania and Tunisia.

Crye Precision


Sioen Apparel is part of the vertically integrated Sioen Industries group. As a rapidly growing multi-specialist, Sioen Apparel is the European market leader in operational clothing for the most diverse applications. Through extensive innovation and know-how, high-quality protective clothing is developed and produced in our own production sites.

Sioen's military solutions

Sioen Apparel

Our accumulated knowhow of both fabrics and manufacturing of high performance garments results in a vast range of multi-layered and integrated protective clothing for extreme working conditions. We dress military from head to toe and inside out with: underwear, bodywear, rainwear, insulation layers and combat uniforms. We also provide specialised back packs and accessories.

Sioen Ballistics

Sioen Ballistics is specialised in the field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both (off-the-shelf) standardised and customised solutions. Sioen Ballistics offers a wide range of military personal protective equipment. The main product lines are:

Ursuit military drysuits

Ursuit develops drysuits for the most challenging conditions. Special military drysuits and dry bags can be customised by Ursuit.

Technical textiles for military applications

Our coating division produces infrared pigmented technical textiles (tarps and scrims) for military applications such as tents, truck covers, sun shading, and solar screens. The fabrics comply with various military standards. We also cut/manufacture made-to-measurements screens and vehicle blinds.

Police uniforms by Sioen

Thanks to the previously mentioned specialisations, Sioen Apparel was chosen to supply the most parkas and softshells for the Belgian Federal Police and softshells and all-weather jackets for the Dutch Police forces.

USP's – 3 reasons to choose Sioen

  • Own production: Sioen is unique in its kind because of the thorough vertical integration from yarn to finished garment. We hold every step of the value chain in our own hands and this results in high quality and swift innovation.
  • ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): Sioen is one of the forerunners in apparel when it comes to sustainability.
    • Our efforts are disclosed in a formal ESG report that provides insight into 5 pillars: Environment, human capital, social capital, business & innovation, and finally also into governance.
    • Our efforts are translated into many certificates
    • Our European garment production is fully carbon-neutral
    • We're co-founder of Circletex, supporting future circularity of our garments
  • Tailor-made, one-stop-shop from professionals for professionals: Our team of highly skilled product engineers and garment specialists tailors garments to your specific needs. As we have decades of experience in garments protecting people against any risk, you're safe in our hands.

SEYNTEX, Protection ⋅ Precision ⋅ Passion

Seyntex, a Belgian family owned company, was established in 1908 as a flax weaving mill. Over the years and through historical events, the activities of the business evolved into protective clothing and equipment for the Military, the Police, the Firefighters and personal protective clothing with focus on high-tech textiles. Our complete range is tested and manufactured to comply with all international standards and regulations.

The military range includes:

High-tech textile garments and equipment including:

  • Combat clothing systems consisting of garments to adapt to all circumstances, environments and weather types such as rain, cold, wind, tropical, desert, IR etc.
  • Tentage consisting of low and high-pressure tents as well as frame structure tents for storage and living space in all sizes. We supply inner tents, lighting, flooring, sunroofs and heat airco systems
  • Load carrying systems consisting of high quality and lightweight day backpacks, travel bags, modular bags, duffel bags, drone carrying systems, pouches and belts
  • Sleeping systems consisting of camp beds, personal tents, sheet shelters etc.
  • Camouflage nets consisting of 2D and 3D structured nets for use on static or moving objects. The nets are designed to the relevant thermal, radio, visible light or infrared spectrum based on the customer's specifications
  • Parade Uniforms; we supply made -to- measure suits to the public and the private sector according the customer's specifications


With over 50 years of experience, Seyntex has become an expert in high-quality body armor protection systems that can vary from ceramic or polyethylene plates to soft ballistics to protect from bullets, fragments, knife and spike attacks. Our systems are certified compliant with the following standards: UK HOSDB 2007, UK Home Office Body Armor 2017, German VPAM, US NIJ 0101.04 or NIJ 0101.06, US NIJ 0115.00 or NATO STANAG 2920. Our protection can be used with various custom-made carrier systems, such as t-shirts, covert/concealed carriers, overt carriers and tactical carriage systems.


suits including permeable and impermeable suits based on activated charcoal and membrane technology to ensure an optimal balance of protection, ease of use, comfort and durability. The design is tested down to the smallest details; from seams and stitches to zipper and trimmings. Our manufacturing process is regularly inspected by leading institutes, such as Proqares/TNO, Porton Down. All CBRN suits are NATO AEP 38-compliant.

The police range includes:


consisting of hard ceramic or polyethylene plates as well as soft body armor to offer protection against bullet, fragment, knife and spike attacks. All systems are compliant with the following standards: UK HOSDB 2007, U.K Body Armor standard CAST 2017, German VPAM, US NIJ 0101.04 or NIJ 0101.06, US NIJ 0115.00 or NATO STANAG 2920. The ballistic inserts can be used with various carriers such as t-shirts, covert or concealed carriers and tactical carriers.

Permeable or impermeable CBRN suits

that ensure an optimal balance of protection, ease of use, comfort and durability. Our manufacturing process is regularly inspected by leading institutes, such as Proqares/TNO, Porton Down. All CBRN suits are NATO AEP 38-compliant.

The fire protection range includes

CE-certified EN ISO 469 fire-fighting suits

that are designed and manufactured compliant with high-vis (EN ISO 20471) and anti-static properties (EN 1149-5). We are specialized in heat- and flame-retardant garments that are manufactured in accordance with EN 15614, ISO 15384 and EN ISO 11612. We ensure that our apparel provides the best possible protection against radiation, flames and flashover, as well as water ingress, based on the results of scientific tests. We use innovative materials, focusing on weight reduction, breathability, enhanced protection, durability and cleaning convenience.

Seyntex employs around 1000 people globally. Our in-house testing laboratory, our ballistic shooting range, our warehouse and our administration offices are located at our headquarters in Belgium. Our production plants are located in Romania and in Asia. The group is fully integrated from R&D, testing and design to manufacture and logistics. Our company is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and Oeko-tex accredited.

Our customers are located all over the world but we enjoy a leading position in Europe.