Layering System

The multi-layered insulating system of the Belgian Defence Clothing System (BDCS) allows the Soldier to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions. Materials offer a greater range of breathability and environmental protection, providing greater versatility in meeting Soldiers' needs.

BDCS utilizes an innovative design that reduces bulk, taking up less space, and weighing 25 percent less than its predecessor systems. Each piece of BDCS functions either alone or in concert with other components as a system, thus providing more options for the Soldier and enabling seamless integration with load-bearing equipment and body armor configurations. The BDCS design allows moisture to escape and at the same time has water-resistant properties.

Our entire design philosophy is based around essential feedback we receive from end users using our clothing in conflict areas around the world. We constantly strive to improve the ergonomic design, comfort and freedom of movement. The BDCS concept fits the body design of the individual, so much so, that they almost forget it is there.

We understand that individuals in conflict areas already carry too much weight so our aim is to reduce any unnecessary materials, accessories or seams. We are constantly developing lighter and softer materials whilst increasing the levels of durability and protection. It is our goal to constantly increase the soldiers level of confidence regardless of individual size, shape or weight. For decades, women in the armed forces had to settle for uniforms designed for men, just in smaller sizes. This is not the case for the BDCS uniform. It's available in female designs cut with more room in the hips and legs with a more tailored G4 field shirt.

BDCS is at the moment a 18-piece kit that enables soldiers to utilize three different layers, depending on the mission and environment. The system functions through insulation, which resists the transmission of heat, traps air, and wicks moisture away from the body; layering, which increases air space and allows easy adjustment to a Soldier's activity level; and ventilation, which allows moisture to escape. By mixing and matching BDCS components, Soldiers can protect themselves from temperatures ranging from 49 degrees Celsius to minus 46 degrees.


Base Layer: Worn next to skin by itself or in conjunction with other levels for added insulation and to aid in the transfer of moisture. The BDCS Wool based underwear from Aclima (items 100-101-102) are designed to wick moisture and to provide protection from the elements as solar radiation. This layer is highly breathable, wicks moisture away from the skin and dries fast, providing evaporative cooling in warmer weather and insulating in cool weather – all with less weight and bulk than previous systems.

During 3 generations Aclima has become an important and competent Norwegian textile producer. The experience and knowledge that Aclima have obtained throughout the generations are invaluable in our continuing efforts to keep people warm and dry. They know the requirements that our particular climate offers and we do our utmost to meet them. Aclima specializes in underwear with merino wool in most of its products all made in Europe. Merino wool provides excellent comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and in all levels of activity. Wool has the unique ability to keep you warm, even when you are wet from sweat, rain or snow. Furthermore wool is a sustainable, natural and 100% biodegradable fiber.

The advantages of Aclima WoolNet Garments: The secret is in the air when it comes to Wool mesh garments. The products will at first glimpse might seem very cold, while the opposite is actually the fact. With all the air trapped inside the holes in the garments you get the best insulation and possibility to get rid of excess heat. The products lets perspiration out to the next garment like no match. If you get to warm, simply unzip the next layer and let air cool you down again. The products are body shaped, keeps warm even if wet and very durable. This way of dressing has maybe been a Nordic secret since the Viking age, but also Military Forces outside our region has now discovered the huge benefits.

The Underwear range is completed with 3 items of Woolpower, the 103-Wool Terry Zip shirt and the 104- Wool Terry Long John are made out of a unique wool blend: Ullfrotté Original 200 is the thinnest type of Ullfrotté. The fabric is durable and is made from fine merino wool, polyamide and most of all – air! That very air in the fabric is important as it isolates the heat that your body produces. For colder conditions the 203-Wool Terry Jacket was developed in a 400 g/m² version of the Ullefrotté range.


The Uniform Layer garments range is designed to adapt to all steps of your missions. These garments are made to be used as an outer layer or as part of the complete BDCS system.

If you need combat clothing to lead combat missions, you can rely on the G4 Combat clothing. We have designed this athletic and ergonomic combat uniform keeping in mind the end user's need to adapt quickly to all kinds of missions anywhere, whilst remaining agile in suitable combat clothes. The G4 Combat Pant is designed for high intensity tactical situations and features lightweight, durable, stretch VTX Ripstop fabric.

VTX Ripstop™ is the first stretch NYCO fabric. We developed this fabric in conjunction with the Cordura® team at Invista. It is constructed with Invista's new Type 420HT nylon staple fiber, the strongest nylon 6,6 staple fiber Invista has produced to date. It was engineered to enhance strength while enabling a lighter weight construction. VTX Ripstop™ combines the traditional NYCO construction with the addition of 2% Spandex to provide more mobility and enhanced range of motion for our G4 uniforms. Developed with over 2 years of extensive lab and field testing, VTX Ripstop™ is one of the strongest, lightest, and most comfortable uniform fabrics to date.

The G4 Combat pant has an adjustable padded waist that is lined with moisture wicking material that absorbs sweat from the body and dries quickly. Front thigh pockets are optimized for carrying mobile devices. A dedicated knife holder is included with a reinforced opening. There is an integrated knee pad pocket in the leg for use with the Airflex Combat Knee Pad to protect against rocks, terrain and hazards. Velcro tabs behind the knee pad allow for horizontal adjustment, and a shock cord is accessible through the front thigh pocket for vertical adjustment.

The G4 Combat Shirt is optimized for use under body armor and features lightweight, durable, stretch VTX Ripstop fabric in the sleeves. VTX Ripstop is fast drying and extremely breathable. The torso fabric is a lightweight, flame resistant jersey that wicks moisture away from the skin for comfort when worn under armor or other load bearing vests. Zippered shoulder pockets have internal expansion, set-in loop for badges, and a low profile pen pocket. Cuffs have adjustable velcro closures to keep out sand and dirt. The hem is longer in the back to ensure the shirt stays tucked in. Elbow pads are removable and provide protection against rocks, terrain and hazards.


The outer layer is composed out of rainwear (hard shell) and some additional insulation layers.

The Mid Loft provides light insulation in mild climates and serve as a base layer in cold climates. Constructed with Polartec material, this layer provides extra warmth in cooler conditions but still wicks moisture away and dries fast. The material offers stretch for increased comfort and is lighter weight with less bulk than previous systems.

The Hardshell Jacket & Trouser are a waterproof breathable layer used to protect against hard rain and windy conditions. It is lightweight and packable so it can be stowed in a stuff sack when not in use. It is designed to fit over armor, with pass through pit zips that extend to the front chest for easy access to gear worn underneath but can be worn under armor as well if needed. Jacket length is optimized to cover the pant seat. The hood is sized to fit over a helmet, with a 2-way shock cord adjustment and visor to keep water out. Use the internal waist adjustment to keep out wind and water. Shoulder and chest loop for name and rank badges.

Constructed with two-layer ePTFe membrane and seam-sealed throughout, the Jacket and Trousers provide an outstanding light-weight, completely waterproof, windproof and breathable level of protection against the elements with 50% less bulk than previous systems.

The Hi Loft insulationLayer: The outermost level of protection in BDCS designed for use during static operations in extreme cold and dry conditions. Constructed with an outer shell fabric that has a water resistant finish and with thermal bonded high-loft insulation, the hi loft is highly durable and breathable. The Parka and Trousers maintain warmth even when wet and provide protection in extreme cold conditions during static operations. Worn in moderate to sub-zero climates, this system has undergone extensive research and development.

Mission Configuration: 4 seasons in a day - The BDCS Combat layering system allows the wearer to dress according to the mission and the climatic conditions, providing a solution for each configuration. The modularity of the system enhances the cognitive capacity, performance and fight ability of the soldier.